If You Think You Get Resources, Then This Might Change Your Mind

November 5, 2017


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Let me count the ways. Reasons, actually. This post covers 4.

1. Food Tastes Better

Taste buds seem to come alive when they’re not “deadened” by overly sweet foods.

When I stopped eating sugar, I also stopped expecting to have sweet foods at each meal – for dessert or for the entire meal. Only then could I appreciate the more subtle and nuanced flavors of Real Foods.

Sweetness I was never able to perceive, let alone appreciate, became obvious. Our purpose at A Course in Miracles Devotional Center is a total experience of coming together in Truth in order to have a consistent experience of Peace in the Mind. We are immersed in the practical application of living a course in miracles and sharing the teachings of David Hoffmeister.

When I was eating sugar all the time, no one could have convinced me that sweet potatoes are sweet.

Compared to what? Not compared to chocolate or ice cream! So how could they be sweet??

Getting away from sugar opened new worlds for me in terms of enjoying food. A Course in Miracles is a symbol, appearing in awareness to the mind that believes in symbols and has called for healing. It provides a clear and practical approach to coming into an experience that goes far beyond concepts. Follow acim to find out more.

2. Temptations Are Not Tempting

It’s easy to avoid desserts and other sugary treats when I’m able to think, “That’s not food.”

They’re not food, of course. They’re nothing but trouble for the likes of me. And I know many people like me are out there.

Once upon a time, in the bad old days, just looking at sugary foods put me into a state of true conflict: I wanted the sugar, but knew I shouldn’t have it. I remember the struggle. I can recall going back and forth, over and over, for many minutes on end.

Sometimes I even had to destroy the food itself – say, by pouring dish detergent into it – to end the temptation.

Since my recovery, there’s no conflict at all. It’s not food. The feeling is true freedom.

3. Sugar Cravings Stop Altogether

Yes, really.

I had many cravings when I first quit sugar. As I stayed off the stuff, they decreased in number. And the cravings that showed up were less powerful and less tenacious.

But now they simply don’t happen.

Oddly, I read articles on – and hear “experts” talk about – sugar cravings. They say, “Sugar cravings never really go away.” Yikes.

Well, I don’t know what those folks are doing, because sugar cravings do stop. Completely. So I’d suggest that you avoid the sugar-quitting advice of anyone who says they don’t go away.

Getting rid of sugar cravings, potentially permanently, is an exhilarating feeling of… focus. Being off sugar long-term has given me the ability to do what I need to do without being distracted by cravings.

4. My Moods Are Better

Getting away from sugar has evened out my moods. No more mood swings. They would bring me up one minute, down the next – over and over, throughout the day and the week.

To say mood swings affected my behavior is an understatement. When I was in a slump, I would feel irritable and not in control of my temperament.