Travelling the World- Review of 5 Countries

September 20, 2018


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Here is my first blog post about travelling the world.

Last year I decided that I would travel the world and get to see more. I wanted to experience different walks of life and cultures. Today, I have gone to 5 different countries other than the United States. The United States, while large and having many different cultures, is not truly as diverse as the countries I have been to (and no, I do not consider the airport as being one of the 5 countries I’ve been to). The countries I have been to include Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, and Cyprus. Each place has their own culture, history, and story to tell.

Italy: When I visited here I was in Venice. The rich history of the canals, the Venetian art and food, and of course the wine took my breath away. It is absolutely beautiful and scenic. This is a place that I would recommend for the food and wine lover who wants a taste of Italy’s love and passion.

Hungary: This was quite a surprise during my visit. I travelled in Budapest- the capital of Hungary. I was suprprised by the diversity of shopping, food, drinks, and people in Budapest. This is a location that I would recommend to the history buff or the traveller on a budget. Budapest was extremely affordable on a cheap budget!

Slovenia: Maribor, Slovenia is extremely beautiful outdoor landscapes perfect for the outdoorsy and adventurous type. They have mountains, lakes, and forests that are picturesque and alluring. I would recommend this location for the wine lover and the outdoors hiker.

Croatia: Pula, Croatia is the location of one of the four remaining colosseums in the world. This one is the most in-tact out of the four. This is also the location of the Temple of Roma and Augusta, the first Roman Emperor. The gorgeous beaches and hot weather here is perfect for the historian who wants to work on their tan!

Cyprus: I was lucky enough to call Cyprus my home for almost half a year. I wish I could have done more in that time I was there. This is the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. Cyprus has the only remaining divided capital of Nicosia, in which you can cross the border by foot. This is a gorgeous place for someone who wants to live “siga-siga” or “slowly, slowly.”

I hope you have enjoyed my short review of these countries who have each taken a part of my heart. The moral of my story? Travel MORE!!